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You don’t feel you do so much?

You don’t feel you do so much?

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Published on May 19, 2021

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Now a few days I got an email from a person which said she had some knowledge and know a few frameworks and programming languages but doesn’t feel it is enough. Today, i is will talk about that because is an interesting subject and I was on this topic a time ago and sometimes I still feel this struggle. So stay here and enjoy it! 😊

Sometimes in the life of a programmer or even as a simple person, you have this feeling you didn’t do so much. I feel this struggle from the beginning and always I was talked with other people. I asked them:

Ok, man, I feel I don’t do so much or when I’m watching on courses and trying to learn something new I’m feeling I watch on the course and I don’t learn anything I feel I will not remember this stuff when I will need them.

The people said:

Dude, it’s fine. Don’t overreact over that, don’t panic. It’s normal, and with the learning, it’s fine, you just feel you don’t learn but your brain assimilates the information.

Ok. Let’s take the part with “I don’t do so much” from my perspective. Not every time you had to do a big app or a complex system or algorithm or something like that to feel special and fulfill you do something important. Even the smallest projects or systems or whatever you build is important and good to be there. Why? Because it’s giving you experience, you face new problems and learn how to solve them. And, you ‘stack’ more information from the language. For example, now a few months I started learning React, and now, I’m building all the apps I can in React, even if a landing page or I don’t know a web app. Why? Because I can, I get some fun and I ‘stack’ the information. For example, I had the 6 Fun React Project Series, the youtube series can be found here. The first app was dead simple, it was can be done in ES6 (plain javascript) but I want to learn to React very well so I made all the apps in this language.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the other part “I’m learning courses and feel I don’t assimilate anything“. Well, actually you do. But you don’t realize that of course, we can accept the part you are tired of (you sleep 2 hours last night) but, even in that example you still get information. I think I can call this just a placebo situation. You just think you don’t get any information or remember all of that. But, of course, you can’t just watch a course and after that, you will be a master. You need practice, you have to practice 24/7 if you want to know very well a programming language, the course and one or two apps won’t get to the top.

In the ending, I want to give you some advice.

– Try to stay positive, whatever will happen try to be positive, and don’t get your mood get down. It is very important, I know, maybe you will be saying “how is that so important?”. Well, it is. Because if you are positive you can learn better and do stuff better and get ideas better. Better ideas for applications or problem solving or another thing. Try to listen to positive music, for me, music is very important. I listen to music all the time (just positive and good vibes). I’m really in the mood “good vibe’s only”.

– If you have a toxic person (or more) in your life, get rid of them. ‘It’s bad for business.

– If some people say you will not do anything, you can’t. Don’t listen to them. They know better than you? I don’t think so. They are just jealous of what you can be.

– Learn and practice as much as you can. Of course, don’t cut from the sleep hours, it’s very important to have like 7-8 hours per night (or day) it depends on you. No more, no less. 7-8 hours it’s ideal.

– Follow on youtube some guys who make apps like Traversy Media, to stay up-to-date with the techs. He does all the stuff, from HTML, CSS, JS apps to PHP, WordPress, React, and so on.

Thanks for your time. I hope I answered some questions and this article helped you to be better and get your morale up.

Thanks again! See you, next time reader!

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