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My Web Developer Story

My Web Developer Story
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Published on May 9, 2021

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I started this journey

from high school. I wasn’t good at school. Not because I can’t because I didn’t want to. It was boring to learn history, math, and other lectures from school. So, I was 16 after two years I realized I will be an adult. Yes, in Romania at 18 you are an adult. So, school wasn’t my option.

So what I would do I was asking myself. The single thing I was doing back in the days was to sit on pc and play League of Legends (a strategy game). The first thought was to get better at the game and be a streamer and earn my living. But it wasn’t enough. So, I was thinking:

If I stay so much at pc I should try to transform the play game into something productive.

After that, I remember one of my billions of questions from I was a kid.

How the wizards for games, programs & other installations work? What is behind them? Is it something a human wrote? But how he tells the pc what to do, how to look and so on.

So I did a search for google about these things. In the final I discovered programming. But now I faced another problem. Were multiple branches of programming. Software, web, mobile application development. So, what should I choose?

I search again, I read a lot about these. In the final, I picked up random, software. I started with Java, damn, it was too hard! I was not understanding concepts like Encapsulation, OOP & others. So I changed in a few weeks. I go to web development.

But here we go again, another question. Frontend or Backend? I read a lot again and I chose backend with PHP. But, hey, there was almost the same concept as on Java. So I was thinking.

Ok, on fronted is easier to start off. Because I see the results on my monitor more easily. I started to learn the frontend, you know. HTML, CSS, BS all the good stuff, I was avoiding JavaScript so much.

After I get my first job my tasks were on the frontend but also on the backend (WordPress customization, PHP, Codeigniter), etc. But this is another story maybe I will tell about that one at some point in time, that’s my story (on the short kind of). Now, I love JavaScript, I learn and practice React and I have so many plans for the future.

Thanks for your time!

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