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My very first Mobile Application

My very first Mobile Application

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Published on Nov 25, 2021

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Hi, today I'll share with you my experience and thoughts about React Native.

First, let me present myself.

My name is Alexandru Romila, but as a nickname I chose Cloudstar. So I'm Alex Cloudstar.

My preferred language is Javascript (I didn't work with JS from the start, the first 3 years of learning I skipped it, what a stupid! Well, now is my preferred lang so it doesn't matter anymore). After learning Javascript I had to choose a popular Web Framework the options were: ReactJS, Angular, VueJS.

I worked on AngularJS / Angular 4 at some point. So I kinda know what was about, so I had to choose between React & Vue. And the Vue syntax seems weird I chose React.

Anyway, after 2 years of working with React, I wanted to expand my belt of tools. I'm doing already full-stack development for the web. Mainly on NodeJS/Express (REST/graphQL BE). So, as React was my favorite of course I chose React Native.

At the first, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, is React right? But could be super different, so after 30+ hours of course I find out React Native is not super different.

Of course, are a lot of similarities such as hooks, the same way components re-renders, etc. But are some differences as well, a few of them:

  • You don't use div or any HTML element. You use View. The view component wrapper is kind of a div.
  • You don't use any paragraph, heading tag, etc. You use some text
  • No CSS in JS (sadly), or at least that I was understood. I'm not 100% sure, I just started but you have the StyleSheet component from react-native.
  • You don't have Input, you have TextInput
  • On TextInput if you want to handle change events. You have the onChangeText prop which takes text as param and is the actual text and not as on the web

Final thoughts:

React Native is pretty nice. And I'm loving to work with even if I just create my first application btw. Is published on expo as I didn't yet buy any Google/Apple Store subscription but I will in the future.

Please feel free to drop your thoughts below in the comment section, share, star the GitHub repo & so on.

Thanks, cheers! 🍻

Github repo
Expo link

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