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How was the challenge 6 Fun React projects

How was the challenge 6 Fun React projects

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Published on May 10, 2021

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Note* This article was written 1 year ago

Hi, in this article I will share my experience with my first series and my first challenge on React.

I’m a beginner at React. I finished a course a while ago, for the people who are interested in this is the course. As a beginner, I didn’t have the inspiration to make projects for practice and get better at this language so I searched on the internet, after a few searches I found this series.

Social Card

Is the first project from the series, it was pretty easy. The application’s a UI web component like we have on Twitter, Facebook, etc. it’s should render some data from the API. It’s using a fake placeholder API for the who are interested.

Weather App

It’s displaying the weather for over 5 days. I started with some fake, static data after I get all the UI built I changed the static data with some data pull it from an API. You can search for your town to see the forecast for 5 days. It’s not 100% accurate, it’s delayed by a few hours because of the free version I used.


It’s simple, all we know how a calculator work, add, subtract, multiply, divide

Hacker News Search

This was the most tricky one. I had a lot of problems with the API, I don’t know if it was me or the API have some problems

Github Issue Page

This was an interesting project. I used the GitHub API for pulling the issues & comments. I ‘learned’ a new library to React and that library is React Markdown. It was used to render the issue detail page and its comments


Here’s the last project from that series. Again, we all know how a metronome work. And if not you have the youtube video here and the project to try here. It was the easiest one because of the code it was given in the challenge article.

It was an interesting challenge for projects. I was getting fun and upset along with the series. And most important I get some more experience.

Here are some useful links:

Youtube Series


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